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Name of light source:Continuous-Wave Frequency Comb Fourier Transform Source based on a High-Dispersion Cavity
Name of vendor selling or name of group using this source:Sanders group, UW-Madison
Year of initial publication or catalog entry:2006
Primary application for which this source was developed:Absorption Spectroscopy
References or URLs for relevant information on this source:Th. Kraetschmer, J. W. Walewski, and S. T. Sanders, "Continuous-Wave Frequency Comb Fourier Transform Source based on a High-Dispersion Cavity", Optics Letters, accepted (2006)
Additional information / notes:Beating of nearby modes of an unequally spaced frequency comb naturally assigns unique amplitude modulation frequencies to each spectral component emitted. The source contains no moving parts.
Span of the spectrum covered, based on -10dB points [cm-1]:12.5
Time to cover this range [s]:0.001
Spectrum update repetition rate [Hz]:1000
Center wavenumber [cm-1]:6450
Center wavelength [nm]:1550.3875968992
Spectral Resolution, best in scan [cm-1]:0.25
Power in TEM00, averaged over 1 s [mW]:2
Shortest time spent on 1 spectral resolution element [s]:2.0E-5
Worst spectral resolution in scan [cm-1]:0.25
Physical dimension -- length [mm]:400
Physical dimension -- width [mm]:400
Physical dimension -- height [mm]:150
Data rate [S/s]:8.0625
Duty cycle [%], based on -10dB points:100%
Best spectral resolution [GHz]:7.5
Best spectral resolution [nm]:0.060092542515474
Longest coherence length [cm]:4
Spectral tracking linearity [%]:100%
Spectral coverage [nm]:3.0046271257737
Size [m3]:0.024
Initial entry time:2006-09-11 10:58:44
Last modified time:2006-09-12 13:33:38
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