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Name of light source:Fourier Domain Mode Locking Laser
Name of vendor selling or name of group using this source:Fujimoto group, MIT
Year of initial publication or catalog entry:2006
Primary application for which this source was developed:OCT scanning
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Span of the spectrum covered, based on -10dB points [cm-1]:272.5
Time to cover this range [s]:5.0E-6
Spectrum update repetition rate [Hz]:100000
Center wavenumber [cm-1]:7380.1
Center wavelength [nm]:1354.9951897671
Spectral Resolution, best in scan [cm-1]:0.54
Power in TEM00, averaged over 1 s [mW]:10
Shortest time spent on 1 spectral resolution element [s]:9.2E-9
Worst spectral resolution in scan [cm-1]:0.54
Physical dimension -- length [mm]:431
Physical dimension -- width [mm]:558.8
Physical dimension -- height [mm]:228.6
Approximate system cost [US$]:15000
Data rate [S/s]:20110.7725
Duty cycle [%], based on -10dB points:50%
Best spectral resolution [GHz]:16.2
Best spectral resolution [nm]:0.099144646071763
Longest coherence length [cm]:1.8518518518519
Spectral tracking linearity [%]:92.851851851852%
Spectral coverage [nm]:50.031326026955
Size [m3]:0.05505666408
Initial entry time:2006-11-08 11:38:49
Last modified time:2006-11-08 12:59:08
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