High-speed, high-resolution, high-throughput spectrometer covering the entire 1650-5100 nm wavelength range


PI: Scott T. Sanders, Assistant Professor, ssanders@engr.wisc.edu

Engine Research Center, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UW-Madison

3 August 2006


We have designed a spectrometer with the following unprecedented characteristics:


Some tradeoffs are available among the above parameters, for example speed and spectral resolution can be traded according to the red line below up to 100 kHz spectral acquisition rate:

Spectral acquisition rate

Selected applications:

Ultraspectral video processing



Possible paths for developing this technology:

Approximate minimum budget for one unit:



Design, construction, and testing





For more information contact Prof. Sanders, ssanders@engr.wisc.edu

[1] in most cases, fundamental and weaker overtone/combination bands are simultaneously monitored in this spectral range, allowing for a large dynamic range in sensitivity.

[2] Absorption and emission spectroscopy are both possible, depending upon the thermal characteristics of the imaged scene.

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