Optical imaging of near-nozzle spray structure


PI:        Scott T. Sanders, Assistant Professor, ssanders@engr.wisc.edu

Engine Research Center, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UW-Madison

10 September 2006


Understanding near-nozzle spray behavior is an important prerequisite to optimizing spray-based processes from combustion to cooling.  Due the intricate, small-scale, transient, and poorly understood processes involved, many experiments have been designed to study near-nozzle spray behavior.  Some techniques are outlined below:



Key information provided


High-speed photography

external structure

qualitative, internal structure not revealed

X-ray attenuation imaging

absolute density maps

time consuming, very expensive, no structure information

Ballistic imaging

internal structure

expensive, based on line-of-sight measurements, remains under development


We have designed a novel approach with the following attractive features:


Approximate minimum budget:

Approximate minimum budget:

Equipment and supplies







For more information contact Prof. Sanders, ssanders@engr.wisc.edu


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